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How to Put on a Good Webcam Show with Adult Dating Services

One of the best features about adult dating services is the webcam show. At some point, if you both have a webcam (and by all means invest in's less than £20 for a cheap webcam nowadays) you can watch each other online while continuing to text chat or phone chat.

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What to write in your adult dating profile

Unless you have tried it before describing yourself can be a bit daunting; even if you have taken the plunge then you will know that it is all too easy to tie your brain in knots, trying to put across

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5 Surprising Facts About Adult Dating

Five facts that you may not yet know about dating, whether online or in real life, with some advice on how to make the best impression and land that dream date! 1. Men and women have very different

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Why do Gay Men Seem to Have More Fun?

There is a common (and perhaps even well-placed) belief that gay men are more likely to encounter sex and "hookups" through the use of online dating sites. Is this a mere generalisation or is there

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The Best Way to Hook Up Online

It is no secret that the world of Internet dating is one of the industries that is growing the fastest in recent years. Thanks to increased technology and the use of such devices including the

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Safety Precautions for Online Sex Dating

The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to having fun and meeting people. As with most things in life, there are risks attached to the process of meeting up with 

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Top 5 Adult Dating Sites