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Profile Pics For Online Adult Dating

If you want to hook up with someone for some sexual fun, then one of the best and safest ways to do it is through the relative anonymity that an online dating website can afford. One of the key

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Internet Dating and the Over 50s

There is no doubt that as we get older our expectations in a partner change and your relationship or marriage may well have ended because of this. It still comes as a huge shock to discover that the 

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How To Show Your Online Date You're Genuine

The online dating and hook-up scene is booming and both men and women are using the internet to find partners for love and sex more than ever before. This is great news for guys because traditionally 

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How to Seduce Online

The art of seduction can be traced back for centuries. However, modern times have allowed us to enjoy equally innovative ways to romantically seduce a potential partner using the Internet. However, it

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How to Make Her Orgasm The First Time

Dirty talk should be subtle and sexy, like an aphrodisiac. Compliment her. Tell her what you love about her, how beautiful she is, and how she turns you on. Don't go overboard with obscene words

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How To Behave When Dating For Sex

Casual sex can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience for all parties involved - but it can also go very, very wrong. Men in particular often make a few crucial mistakes when trying to date in this

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Girls, How Slutty Should Your Pic Be?

Are you still looking for the man of your dreams? Are you having some trouble getting the right attention from people you like? If you are you interested in learning some helpful tips that will 

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Finding a Sexual Partner Online

Whilst most of us eventually seek out a long term partner, nearly all of us will go through a period of our lives where we are simply looking for fun and sexual gratification and little else. At one

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Are Women As Promiscuous As Men?

There's a common misconception that men are in some way naturally more promiscuous than women, and that men enjoy casual sex while women need a deeper and more emotional connection. In truth, however

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Top 5 Adult Dating Sites